Training a new breed of groomer

Teaching the holistic & compassionate approach to pet grooming. Working to improve the overall health & well being of our beloved pets one stylists at a time!

For a cancel or no-show, credit towards another workshop or a stand-in will be credited to be used within 6 months. Workshops will be held the third Sunday or Monday of each month, limited to 10 people, open to all grooming professional, full payment due Monday before workshop. Workshops can also be held at other salons with full seating and travel fees in New Hampshire or online.

    • Cat Grooming Q and A
    • *Bow Making
    • DIY Salon Improvements
    • *Clipper and Blade Maintenance
    • How to be a Failure at Business
    • Shear Selection
    • *How to Be Your Own Boss
    • *Things You Never Knew You Needed
    • Understanding Your Insurance Policy
    • *Creative Add-Ons
    • *Ergonomics, Posture and Position
    • *Community Networking and Marketing
    • *The Holistic Environment
    • *Unconventional Products To Make Your Life Easier
    • *Working With Vets: Knowing and working with your local veterinarian to boost your business
    • How to Handle and Deal With Senior and Extremely Difficult Animals
    • Dog Training 101: Basic Commands Stylists Should Know
    • The Ins and Outs of Mobile Grooming
    • *To Shave, If and When, Double Coated or Not
    • Shampoo: The Labels and Ingredients
    • Talking With Pet Parents
    • Business Owner Retreat

Grooming Workshops $75 per workshop, $65.00 alumni. Workshops denoted with an * can be taken online. Meet our staff.

Contact us with questions or enroll now!