Courses with prices can be taken à la carte, equipment not included

Canine Cosmotology

This course will be a dual certification for students. Upon completion of this course, students will receive a certificate from the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists. It will cover advanced skin and coat topical conditions, the anatomy of the skin and coat, product selection, effects of equipment and techniques and understanding the effects and properties

Duration: 20 hours
Cost: $1,200.00
Cost for Alumni: $900.00

The Healthy Groomer

This course is designed for first-year groomers to understand the health risks and how to avoid them. Students will learn about the history of the grooming industry, sanitizing and disinfecting the workplace of harmful diseases, ergonomics of the body, staying healthy mentally and physically, what to expect when attending a trade show, grooming icons,

Duration: 4 hours
Cost: $240.00

Advanced Nutrition

This course will cover preparing and making cooked diets, bakery treats for canines and felines. This will be covered by learning the proteins, balancing the diets, chemistry, storage, digestion, bone, minerals, vitamins and fats. Understanding natural remedies or holistic approaches for feeding as well as a stronger knowledge base on feeding kibble and raw diets.

Duration: 20 hours
Cost: $1,200.00
Cost for Alumni: $900.00

Introduction to Business

This course will help determine the career of students; shop manager, owner, stylists, dog walker/pet sitter…..etc. Get some understanding of basic Excel spreadsheets, OutLook and other grooming software programs. Understand social media, the Chamber of Commerce, marketing, advertising, budgeting and pricing your grooms. Practice interviewing and resume writing. Offered in class and online.

Duration: 7 hours
Cost: $420.00

Pet CPR and First Aid

This course will cover restraint, primary assessment and getting the pet’s vitals, rescue breathing, canine and feline CPR, choking management, bleeding and shock management, as well as the basis for dealing with insect bites and stings, snakebite, heat and cold injuries, and seizure. Emphasis will be placed on the prevention of illness and injury, the

Duration: 8 hours
Cost: $240.00

Introduction to Nutrition

This course will cover mostly canine nutrition; reading and understanding a label on pet food, raw diets, kibble, home cooking, digestive tracts and how diet affects coat and skin health. Offered in class and online. Enroll Now *financing available for those that qualify.

Duration: 3 hours
Cost: $180.00
Cost for Alumni: $135.00

Introduction to First Aid

This course will cover the basics of pet and human first aid such as necessary supplies for each medical kit, normal body temperatures, finding the pulse, cleaning out bites or scratches wounds, knowing when to contact veterinary or medical help, being prepared for a medical emergency. Offered in class and online. Enroll Now *financing available

Duration: 2 hours
Cost: $120.00

Pet Sitter and Dog Walker

This course is designed for high school and college aged students to give them a boost into a pet care career while they are away at college and breaks. This will give them a understanding to operate their own small business, basic finance sheets, insurance needs, pricing and scheduling. Offered in class and online.

Duration: 8 hours

Business and Facility Management

This course is designed for students that are preparing to open their own shop.  They will have hands on experience with not only operations of a grooming shop, but a retail boutique with a dog bakery, dog wash and day care.  Inventory tracking and ordering, business start-up, customer service skills, scheduling appointments, public speaking, social

Duration: 30 hours
Cost: $2,700.00
Cost for Alumni: $2,000.00

Advanced Canine Stylist

This course will allow for more advanced blending, styling, breed patterns, hand scissoring, creative or Asian styling and refining one’s grooming touch. Part of this time will be spent checking in customers and sending the finished pet home. Lots of hands on inside the shop, answering phone, booking appointments and basic running of the shop.

Duration: 40 hours
Cost: $1,800.00
Cost for Alumni: $1,350.00

Intermediate Canine Stylist

This course will cover styling tools (scissors and thinners), clippers and clipping, blades and length, snap on combs, breed specific trims and patterns, setting patterns, faces and feet trims. It is designed for students that want to learn basic techniques and grooming styles.

Duration: 90 hours

Canine Stylist Assistant

This course will cover all breeds in the AKC (American Kennel Club), brushing, bathing, anatomy, blow drying skills, deshedding, behavior signs, first aid, preparing for the bath, sanitary areas, sanitation of shop, pests you will encounter, shampoo and products, equipment and its maintenance.

Duration: 90 hours
Cost: $5,400.00